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As the 22nd century draws ever closer, mankind is in turmoil. Drought, flooding and famine are commonplace. Disease is rife. Economic migrants and desperate refugees crisscross the globe in an effort to survive and prosper despite earth’s ever-dwindling resources. Governments around the world are crumbling, and criminal gangs stand ready and eager to fill the power vacuum. Capitalism hangs by a thread...


Exhausted after decades of Brexit,  and eager to stimulate growth by any means, had long-since created loopholes allowing fronts for criminal enterprises to easily obtain legitimate concerns within her borders.  Despite the short-term technology and infrastructure boom that this facilitated, lining the pockets of the wealthy, the inevitable consequences had now become clear. Corruption and lawlessness were the norm, violence was common-place, human life cheap. Through its own greed, the British establishment had almost completely lost its grip. For the rich and powerful of London, eager to protect their fortunes, this could not stand...


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Where there is crisis, there is always opportunity. Carter, a man of privilege, with a background in security and a murky past, comes to the Knightsbridge and Westminster elite with an audacious plan to wrest back control from the cartels and gangsters threatening their hard-won empires - He will bring together a team of the world’s most ruthless assassins, and put them to work scraping London’s underbelly clean… for a price.


.... and get paid - Carter will need to bring this group of ruthless fugitives in from the cold, and convince them to work together, despite old grudges and complicated histories.  Will he be able to reign in their egos, marshal these highly intelligent masters of their craft to do what needs doing, take back control of London, and fill their own pockets in the process?